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Sanford Lobby Closed Until Further Notice

The CEC Sanford lobby will be closed until further notice due to staffing shortages related to illness. The Sanford Drive Thru window and the Enterprise lobby are open during regular business hours. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Heat Pump Rebates

Covington Electric Cooperative Energy Efficiency Program Incentives

Below are the qualifications for CEC’s Heat Pump Rebate Program.

As of July 2, 2018, Mini-Split and Dual Fuel heat pumps will qualify for a rebate.

Split or package air-source heat pumps qualify only when changing out an electric furnace in a mobile home. This must to be a complete change out of equipment. Retrofitting the furnace with a heat pump coil will not qualify.

A heating and cooling load is required along with the following SEER rating listed below.

Mini Split Heat Pump:
SEER 15                   SEER 16+
$300 per ton          $350 per ton

Dual Fuel Heat Pump:
SEER 15                    SEER 16+
$300 per ton          $350 per ton

Mobile Home ONLY: electric furnace change-out
SEER 14 +
$400 per ton (any type electric heat pump)

About 19% of Covington Electric Cooperative’s members are manufactured homeowners. These residences serve a real need for affordable housing.

There is also a need for these homes to be more energy-efficient. Since they typically come with an electric furnace, CEC is launching a program to help manufactured home buyers, as well as existing owners, upgrade to a high-efficiency heat pump. This more efficient unit is predicted to save participants an average of $550 per year on heating costs. For most people who are already watching every penny, $550 per year over many years really adds up.

Working with manufactured home dealers in and around our service area, CEC will cover the DIFFERENCE to upgrade from an electric furnace to a high-efficiency heat pump in any NEW manufactured home purchased by our members, at no cost to the buyer. The upgrade cost is paid directly to the home dealer at the point of sale. The upgrade helps lower the purchaser’s electric bills for years to come — without adding anything to their mortgage.

CEC is helping homeowners in our service area who are already in manufactured homes, too. Those members can get a rebate up to $400 per ton when they replace an electric furnace with a high-efficiency heat pump. In addition, they may qualify for financing through the cooperative’s Energy Efficiency Loan Program. Plus, they’ll enjoy the comfort and savings of an energy-efficient heat pump for years to come.

To learn more about the manufactured home program , please call 1-800-239-4121 today. This program is one more way we’re adding value. Together, let’s power savings!

If you have questions about the Energy Efficiency Program Incentives or would like to know how to qualify please contact Greg Fleming at or 334-427-3506.