Brantley and Samson Part-Time Office Hours

Covington Electric Cooperative is always considering new ways to increase efficiency. In recent years, technology has changed the manner in which we conduct daily business. We have made changes to reduce operating expenses while improving system reliability, placing a high priority on doing more with less. Technology has enabled CEC to streamline processes for a variety of operations and this includes bill payment methods among other things. For several years now, we have offered automated and web-based payment solutions for our members. This has significantly reduced walk-in traffic at our offices, particularly in Samson and Brantley.

In an effort to increase efficiency company wide, CEC has changed its hours of operation at the Samson and Brantley offices effective May 1, 2019. The days for operation are: Samson open each month on days 19th through 3rd and Brantley open each month on days 4th through 18th. These operating days correlate with existing walk-in traffic flow in those offices due to the billing cycles. Members who need to sign up for new service, or have specific requests when those offices are closed, can call 1-800-239-4121 to speak with a member services representative (MSR). Most business can be conducted through our secure website at and members have the option to chat online with an MSR during normal business hours Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Members can also use the free CEC app (CEC Connect or Covington Connect) for paying their electric bills, reporting power outages and more. There are many options these days for conducting business with CEC.

We want to assure our members in Brantley and Samson that your level of service will not be impacted by this change. CEC will continue to have a service crew assigned to your areas. The new office hours will not impact their duties or our firm commitment to safely delivering reliable electric service for all CEC members.