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The Buzz is Growing

Since announcing the Buzz Broadband fiber to the home project on April 1, Covington Electric Cooperative has achieved some significant milestones:

Construction of the 211-mile fiber ring that serves as the foundation of the project was finished in late May. This ring connects all of CEC’s substations and other infrastructure to an extremely fast internet service, which will help with power restoration times during outages. It also allows the introduction of newer, smarter technologies in the future, further enhancing the power grid.

Construction of the first fiber to the home project began on June 1. Testing of the network to ensure it operates smoothly began in late June and will end in August.

The CEC board of trustees has approved efforts to build the system faster. CEC officials hope to complete the project in about two years, as long as materials and labor are available. This shrinks the original time frame down from four years for a complete build.

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