Bright Ideas

What engaging classroom project could you bring to your classroom with $1,500? The Bright Ideas grant program from Covington Electric Cooperative gives teachers a chance to explore the possibilities.

CEC offers $25,000 in grants to support innovative, creative and effective initiatives that are not covered by traditional funding. This program is available for K4-12 teachers in public and home schools served by CEC.

Teams of educators or individual teachers are eligible to apply for the grant monies. Individual teachers can apply for grants from $250 up to $750, while teams of teachers are eligible for a maximum of $1,500. Don’t miss this great opportunity to implement a memorable learning project in your classroom!

Applications for this school year are no longer available because the deadline (Nov. 1) has passed. Be sure to check back next fall for applications for the new school year.

I used my Bright Ideas grant to construct and sustain hydroponics and aquaponics systems for food production to educate students on sustainable agriculture and to teach students to be more environmentally responsible. This project also promotes healthy eating habits. – Scott Crosby, Kinston School

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