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Backpack sprayers on the CEC system

CEC will have contractors spraying herbicide in right-of-way areas during the next several weeks. They are starting in Wing on July 7, and will work toward Carolina, River Falls and then to areas around Sanford, Lindsey Bridge Road, Easley Drive, Hwy 55 to Southside. These workers will be in vehicles marked with CEC contractor magnets on the doors. If you have any questions, please call Kevin Anderson at 334-343-6788. Thank you.

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The CEC board of trustees is committed to education. That’s why CEC provides multiple scholarship opportunities for high school seniors who are looking to further their education at college or technical college.

CEC awards two $1,000 scholarships (one for a senior heading to college and one for a senior heading to technical college) at each school served by the cooperative. These schools include Red Level, Kinston, Brantley, Samson, Pleasant Home, and Straughn. The primary requirements to apply for a scholarship are the applicant must be the dependent of a CEC member and a senior in high school.

These scholarships are given in addition to the two At-Large $1,000 Scholarships (one for a senior heading to college and one for a senior heading to technical college) that are available annually to qualified high school seniors attending a school not served by CEC.

Applications are only available online. Students can download a scholarship application using a link on this page when it becomes available for the current school year. The deadline to apply will be in February. It’s important to remember that all applications must be submitted and received at the Electric Cooperative Foundation in Montgomery, AL, each year no later than the stated deadline. CEC will NOT accept any scholarship applications at its office.

The Foundation will send notification letters to all applicants in April.