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Backpack sprayers on the CEC system

CEC will have contractors spraying herbicide in right-of-way areas during the next several weeks. They are starting in Wing on July 7, and will work toward Carolina, River Falls and then to areas around Sanford, Lindsey Bridge Road, Easley Drive, Hwy 55 to Southside. These workers will be in vehicles marked with CEC contractor magnets on the doors. If you have any questions, please call Kevin Anderson at 334-343-6788. Thank you.

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Covington Electric Cooperative awards $20,290 in grants to local teachers through the Bright Ideas Program

Covington Electric Cooperative (CEC) recently awarded teacher grants totaling $20,290 to 40 teachers (including individuals and teams) at schools served by the cooperative. The grants will enable these teachers to implement exciting projects in their classrooms that might not otherwise be possible.

CEC offers the Bright Ideas grant program each year to help teachers with learning initiatives that are not covered by traditional funding. The program is available to K4-12 teachers at schools served electrically by CEC. Individual teachers can apply for grants from $250 up to $750, while teams of teachers are eligible to apply for a maximum of $1,500.

“The CEC board of trustees is committed to supporting a variety of educational opportunities that benefit our members and their children,” said Ed Short, CEC general manager. “The Bright Ideas program is just one of the many ways we fulfill that commitment. This year, CEC received 18 grant applications and the co-op was able to fully fund every request. Typically, the request for funding exceeds grant availability and we aren’t able to fund all projects, but this year was different and we received fewer applications. We know teachers have been busy with changes due to the pandemic, and we’re very pleased with the interest we received in our program,” he added.

Grant recipients included teachers at Kinston School, Pleasant Home School, Straughn High School, Straughn Elementary School, Samson High School, Red Level Elementary School and Fleeta School. “These grants will benefit more than 2,400 students who are the children and grandchildren of CEC members,” said Short. More details about the grant projects will be published in an upcoming issue of Alabama Living magazine.