Scam Alert for CEC Members

SCAM ALERT – Issued January 25, 2019:

Please be advised of a phone scam involving Covington Electric Cooperative members receiving calls from individuals claiming to be CEC employees warning of immediate disconnection. In one reported case, the scammer said the member’s account was in arrears because their check wasn’t signed and if they didn’t pay $500 by 12:30 p.m. using a pre-paid card, their electric service would be disconnected. Please know that CEC employees will not call any members demanding immediate payment over the phone and there are multiple ways to pay your bill including online through our secure website at, through our app, through our automated phone system, through the mail, in person at any CEC office or using a kiosk machine at the CEC offices in Sanford, Enterprise and Samson. If any CEC member gets a call from a person claiming to be a co-op employee who is demanding immediate payment, please hang up and call CEC immediately at 1-800-239-4121.