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Planned Power Outage – May 21st from 8-10 AM

Please be advised that CEC will conduct a planned power outage on Tuesday, May 21st, from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. This outage is necessary to make upgrades to our electric facilities and it should take no longer than two hours. The areas affected by this outage include Hwy 29 south from SEC Kubota to Kearley Road and all of Sugar Hill subdivision, as well as Blake Pruitt Road and the east end of Creekwood Road. These areas are in Covington County. Members with questions or concerns may contact Jeffery Rolling at 334-208-9970.

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Co-op Energy Efficiency Loan Program

Upgrading a home’s insulation, doors, heat pump, and windows can help make energy bills lower. CEC has a program to assist qualifying members with home improvement efforts. It’s called the Co-op Energy Efficiency Loan Program.

The Co-op Energy Efficiency Loan Program is offered through a partnership with PowerSouth and Regions Bank, which makes low-interest loans available to qualifying CEC members. The process begins with a call to CEC to verify eligibility, then qualifying members are provided with instruction on how to apply over the phone with Regions Bank using a specific phone number. If approved, the member will hire a contractor to do the work and then make monthly payments to Regions Bank. The minimum amount to borrow for qualifying CEC members is $2,000 and goes up to a maximum of $10,000, or up to $20,000 with weatherization improvements with heat pump.

In order to apply for the loan program, CEC members must: Own the residence; And be a CEC member for at least one year in good standing.

If you are a CEC member who meets the minimum qualifications to apply for an energy efficiency loan, your first step should be calling a licensed contractor to get a free estimate. This will help you determine the amount to request when applying for a loan. Next call the CEC marketing department at 800-239-4121 extension 3508, or call 427-3508 to verify your eligibility and receive instructions on how to start the application process with Regions.