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Scammers are at it again – Beware

CEC received a call today from one of our members in the Carolina Community who was contacted on her cell phone by someone claiming to be with Covington Electric. The caller said they had a great deal for this member because they had been such a loyal customer that CEC was going to give them a 50% discount on their electric bill every month for the next year and all they had to do to get the discount is provide a social security number and a debit or credit card number. They said the discount would be applied to their card each month.
The member knew right away this was a scam, but her father got the call yesterday and he wasn’t so sure and asked them to call him back today. He called his daughter to ask about it and she told him it was a scam and not to answer that phone number when they called back.
Please help us spread the word about scammers and their illegal activities.