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We’re in this together

The coronavirus has changed the world as we know it and we’re all still grappling with the “new” normal. CEC remains committed to maintaining our service reliability during this difficult time, and as we are now operating under normal billing procedures, we want to work with members who are struggling financially due to the coronavirus.

CEC encourages its members to make payment arrangements if needed, and to pay as much as they can on their electric bills to avoid building up a large balance. If you are struggling to pay your bills, CEC will exhaust every effort to work with you to resolve your past due balance with us, but you need to call 800-239-4121. If you are unsure of when your bill is due, please review your statement carefully. Due dates and past due dates are printed in red ink on those statements.

As you may recall, service disconnections and late fees were suspended from March 18 until May 26 in an effort to help our members during this unprecedented crisis. Our goal was to make a difference for those directly impacted by the shutdown and to allow ample time for federal stimulus funds and unemployment benefits to be distributed. We hope that effort did indeed provide some relief for our members.

As a not-for-profit cooperative, CEC always puts its members first and we are committed to getting through these challenging times together.