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Backpack sprayers on the CEC system

CEC will have contractors spraying herbicide in right-of-way areas during the next several weeks. They are starting in Wing on July 7, and will work toward Carolina, River Falls and then to areas around Sanford, Lindsey Bridge Road, Easley Drive, Hwy 55 to Southside. These workers will be in vehicles marked with CEC contractor magnets on the doors. If you have any questions, please call Kevin Anderson at 334-343-6788. Thank you.

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Touchstone Energy

During the 1998 annual membership meeting, Covington Electric Cooperative introduced our brand name, Touchstone Energy®. It’s an alliance of consumer-owned electric cooperatives that are dedicated to providing consumers with reliable, high-quality service at competitive prices. Touchstone Energy is the brand name by which cooperatives identify and connect themselves with that alliance. It symbolizes what CEC is all about—integrity, accountability, innovation and community spirit.

CEC, along with approximately 750 other electric cooperatives in 46 states, have added the Touchstone Energy name and logo to emphasize our commitment to you. You may also see the tag-line, “the power of human connections,” included with the Touchstone Energy logo. That tag-line conveys the human element in providing local service, which is one of the most positive aspects of cooperatives.

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