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H20 Water Heater Program


CEC sells water heaters (50 gallons) to its members at a reduced cost (currently $150.00). CEC offers free waters to CEC members who change out their gas water heater to electric. All free, or discounted, water heaters must be equipped with a load control switch under the H2O Program. The load control switch allows the co-op to cycle units for short periods of time (usually between two and four hours).

By managing energy usage when demand is extremely high, our wholesale power provider, PowerSouth Energy Cooperative, can reduce peak demand during those times when energy is most expensive.

The more water heaters we have in the H2O Plus program, the bigger the impact. CEC members still have plenty of hot water and our co-op is better equipped to handle energy demand. It’s a win-win situation.

The price for members that want to purchase a 50-gallon standard water heater rather than install the load control device is $495.00.

We do not sell water heaters to non-members.

4,500 watt element $25

Temperature relief valve $10

Lower thermostat $10

Upper thermostat $18

For more information or to sign up, contact CEC today at 334-222-4121.