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Buzz Broadband makes it easy to start streaming on your TV

Thank you to the CEC member who suggested we do more to educate people about streaming entertainment on their TVs with high speed fiber like Buzz Broadband. Streaming can be confusing. Especially for those of us who remember having one giant console TV in our home with a set of rabbit ears carefully placed on top just to get a clear signal. If we could tune in more than three channels, it was like a Christmas miracle!

So what is streaming? It’s basically transmitting audio and video files in a continuous flow over a wireless or wired connection and it can cover a broad spectrum of entertainment such as music, video games, movies and television shows. We’ve created a short video that will help you make the leap from TV Cable or Satellite to streaming the programs you actually want to see for less than you might expect. Let Buzz Broadband help you teach those grandkids why the 70s were far out, the 80s were totally rad, the 90s were da bomb, and there’s only one Magnum P.I. – Duh! – His real name is Tom Selleck!

Streaming 101 from Buzz Broadband, click below.