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Planned Power Outage – May 21st from 8-10 AM

Please be advised that CEC will conduct a planned power outage on Tuesday, May 21st, from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. This outage is necessary to make upgrades to our electric facilities and it should take no longer than two hours. The areas affected by this outage include Hwy 29 south from SEC Kubota to Kearley Road and all of Sugar Hill subdivision, as well as Blake Pruitt Road and the east end of Creekwood Road. These areas are in Covington County. Members with questions or concerns may contact Jeffery Rolling at 334-208-9970.

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CEC embraces democracy at a distance by conducting 2020 annual meeting business via mail and online

As an active member of the community, Covington Electric Co-op takes great pride in the success of its annual meeting. Many CEC members look forward to coming together each year to conduct business and enjoy entertainment and prizes. Since this year’s CEC annual meeting gathering was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the co-op’s business was handled in a new way.

All CEC members received election ballot packets in the mail in late April and they had until May 26, to cast their vote in the board election and to provide input on whether the co-op should participate in bringing high-speed broadband to its service area. The confidential ballot process was conducted through an independent tabulator.

CEC had two board seats up for election which included the districts of Enterprise and Samson. The Enterprise board seat was left vacant with the passing of long-time CEC board member James F. Martin Jr., in March. Two candidates, John B. Carter and Trey Martin, ran for the Enterprise board seat. The incumbent for the Samson board seat, Patricia Janasky, ran unopposed.

Just over 22 percent of the co-op membership participated in the board election this year with 4,175 members casting their votes. Trey Martin was elected as the board trustee for the Enterprise district, Patricia Janasky was re-elected for the Samson district, and 87.8 percent of participants expressed their support for CEC working to bring high-speed broadband to its service area. More details about this effort will be shared with the CEC membership through Alabama Living magazine in the coming months.

Even though CEC could not hold an in-person gathering for their annual meeting, the co-op was still able to conduct important business and they also awarded participation prizes. Winners were randomly drawn through an electronic process conducted by the independent tabulator. Three $2,500 bill credits were awarded as the top three major participation prizes to Jeanette G. Hudson of Enterprise, Marlene B. Willis of Elba and D.L. Manning of Dozier. Kent Davis of Dozier was the winner of $600 cash, Bobby Crowell of Enterprise won $500 cash, and Tim Bryan of Andalusia won $400 cash.

Other prize winners were as follows: Five members won $300 cash—Amanda Hayes, Roy Hart, Roger Chris Griggs, Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, and Mary McPherson. Five members won $200 cash—Thomas L. Hudson, Mona Tucker, Stevie Allen Tolver, Barbara Kring and Robert Bridgewater. Ten members won $100 cash—Virginia Ann Plouff, Eladio Perez Jr., Luis Valle, Cliff Bryon Brunson, Shelia Goodson, John R. McMillan Jr., David Chappell, Tim Donaldson, Michael or Charlotte Dauphin, and Damacus Church. Ten members won $50 cash—Jody C. Daughtrey, Harry Davis, Phillip Farris, William Beck, Cindy D. Odom, Ashberry Landfill, Johnny Pippin, Linda Gunn, Professional Harvester, and South Alabama Gun Club.