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Planned Power Outage – May 21st from 8-10 AM

Please be advised that CEC will conduct a planned power outage on Tuesday, May 21st, from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. This outage is necessary to make upgrades to our electric facilities and it should take no longer than two hours. The areas affected by this outage include Hwy 29 south from SEC Kubota to Kearley Road and all of Sugar Hill subdivision, as well as Blake Pruitt Road and the east end of Creekwood Road. These areas are in Covington County. Members with questions or concerns may contact Jeffery Rolling at 334-208-9970.

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Community Solar Garden

Going solar just got a lot easier. With our Community Solar Garden program, CEC members can subscribe to have a portion of their monthly energy usage generated by our solar array.

The new solar array is complete and it’s located across the street from our headquarters at 18836 US Hwy 84, on South Alabama Regional Airport property, in Sanford. Participating members can sign up for a 12-month agreement to buy an average of 155 kWh of solar-generated electricity each month at a flat rate of $20.

Ultimately, the goal of Community Solar is not to lower a subscriber’s power bill. Rather, it is to give members looking for more ways to reduce their carbon footprint the chance to get a portion of the electricity they use from clean power — all while supporting renewable energy right here in their community.

The program also gives our members who are uncertain about solar power a flexible option for exploring its benefits. Installing rooftop solar panels can often be prohibitively expensive for individual households, and it requires navigating local zoning laws. Community Solar makes it easy for any members to sign up and start powering their homes with renewable energy right away.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still join. Just call 800-239-4121 with any questions or complete the form below to apply online. All members are eligible to apply, whether you expressed an interest in solar power on previous annual meeting surveys or not.

To sign up for CEC’s Community Solar Garden, please fill out the form below.

  • Community Solar Agreement Terms and Conditions:

    The Member hereby requests a subscription in Covington Electric Cooperative’s Community Solar Program (CSP) for a solar array near CEC’s headquarters in Sanford. This project is called Solar Project “A”, and CEC's RESIDENTIAL SERVICE SOLAR BLOCK. A tariff applies to this project.


    To be eligible to participate in the CSP, a Member's account must be in good standing.

    Participation Terms and pricing

    Member agrees to participate in CSP for a one year (12 months) contract period. Member understands and agrees that all rules of CEC membership apply to this energy purchase and that by choosing to exit the program at any time, Member must wait 12 months before becoming eligible to participate again. If Member opts out of a solar subscription for any account, Member relinquishes all prior rights to block(s) being subscribed to. Those block(s) will be made available to other members for subscription. The Member understands and agrees that should they exit participation without moving off of CEC's lines and prior to the expiration of contracted term, they will pay the monthly subscription rate for the remaining months of the contract term or a flat fee of $100, whichever is less. If Member moves but remains on CEC lines, the contract obligation as hereunder shall be transferred to the member’s account for the new location.

    The total electrical output from the solar project(s) will fluctuate due to seasons and weather. Participating Members will be billed a flat rate monthly for the block(s) of solar energy requested. The applicable term rate for this contract will be:

    $20 per month/per block with an average of 155 kwh per month per block
  • The Member will pay the normal rate for all non-solar kWh. It is estimated that each block will produce an average 155 kWh monthly. Members are encouraged to subscribe to no more than 50 percent of the consumption on their lowest monthly electric bill. If Member's account becomes disconnected due to an outstanding balance, CEC reserves the right to terminate this contract.

    Cooperative Solar Rider

    Member acknowledges that they have received and read a copy of CEC's "RESIDENTIAL SERVICE-SOLAR BLOCK A” tariff.


    Blocks are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. CEC members may sign up to purchase one, two or three blocks per account; however, CEC will not guarantee more than one block per account until demand has been evaluated after the deadline. In the event, at application, no blocks are available, members may be placed on a waiting list.

    Please indicate below the number of blocks you wish to subscribe to along with the appropriate account numbers.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY