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Backpack sprayers on the CEC system

CEC will have contractors spraying herbicide in right-of-way areas during the next several weeks. They are starting in Wing on July 7, and will work toward Carolina, River Falls and then to areas around Sanford, Lindsey Bridge Road, Easley Drive, Hwy 55 to Southside. These workers will be in vehicles marked with CEC contractor magnets on the doors. If you have any questions, please call Kevin Anderson at 334-343-6788. Thank you.

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Important Notice to CEC Members

CEC’s wholesale power provider, PowerSouth Energy Cooperative, will have a very brief planned outage affecting CEC members served out of the Wiggins Substation on Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 4 a.m. This outage will last no more than a few minutes, but it is necessary to complete a transmission project.

CEC members in the following areas will be affected: Sanford, Babbie, Harmony, Antioch, Opp, Horn Hill, Union Grove, Fleeta, and Sasser’s Crossroads. If you have any questions, please call CEC at 1-800-239-4121.