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Residential Solar

Are you considering installing a solar array at your home? CEC encourages its members to get all the facts before making that decision. The information below can help provide some answers, and you can always contact us directly for more details. Our contact person for residential solar is Mike Chirico. He can be reached by email at or by phone at 334-427-3552.

Solar Energy FAQs

Questions To Ask A Solar Contractor

Solar Ownership Options

10 Steps To Take Before Installing Solar

What Size Solar Array Is Right For You?

CEC has an interconnection agreement for members who install solar at their homes. There is a rate designed for solar interconnections that differs from CEC’s residential rate. When a member decides to install a solar array, CEC will send the rate information and agreements (Covington and Powersouth) to the member. A solar salesperson will provide investment information and it’s critically that you review this information very carefully and ask the right questions. There have been some solar array systems installed where the member questions the economics after the purchase and then realize the return on their investment may not be as they were told. The interconnection agreement is typically filled out by the solar installation company as it has the data of the system involved. Once the agreements are finished, the installer can do their part. CEC will come out, inspect the system and replace the meter with a meter that registers kwh readings in both the delivered and received directions. The delivered will be billed to the member at the amounts in our DG (distributed generation) rate.  The received will be paid to the member for the energy you produce by Powersouth, our wholesale power provider. The amount paid to you changes every year end based on fuel costs.


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