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Buzz Broadband hosts open house

Buzz Broadband, a subsidiary of Covington Electric Cooperative, hosted its first open house and ribbon cutting ceremony on Jan. 19, at their office located at 18146 Galileo Drive in Opp. The event was held at 10 a.m. with dozens of attendees including special guests, members of the business community and the general public.

Representatives from CEC and Buzz Broadband discussed the build-out status for Buzz Broadband, the history and motivation for this major fiber-to-the-home project, current services, and package pricing. They discussed delays in expansion related to labor shortages and supply chain issues.

Buzz Broadband is bringing fast, reliable fiber broadband to homes and businesses in the CEC service area, making it possible for many in the area to get a dependable internet connection. This fiber connection is helping to improve how locals work, learn, enjoy entertainment and more. Buzz Broadband brings top quality internet with equal upload/download speeds of 200Mbps up to 2 Gbps, without data caps or contracts. It currently serves about 2,180 customers in the CEC service area and they’re adding more every day.

Potential customers should pre-register for the service online at and they will be notified when Buzz Broadband becomes available at their location. Then they will be able to schedule their installation. Current customers, and anyone interested in the internet service, can find out more by visiting their website or sending an email to You can also reach a Buzz Broadband representative by calling 833-399-BUZZ (2899) during regular business hours.

CEC is very proud to provide this state-of-the-art fiber service with a knowledgeable and friendly service team who cares about every customer.

Click here to watch William Baines, Director of Telcom Services, talk about the current status of Buzz Broadband.

Learn more about Buzz Broadband at

To see when service will be available in your area, just follow this link

If you area Buzz customer and need technical support, please call 833-399-2899 and press option #4.