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The latest on Buzz Broadband

Some of the first beta testers for Buzz Broadband were recently connected in the Wing/Pleasant Home areas. Testing is going well and communities throughout the CEC service area are excited about this new service. We also made our first voice call using Buzz’s land-line phone service and it worked as expected. We hope those who still use land-line phones will bundle their internet and telephone services with Buzz. Please note that we do not provide cellphone service. Buzz only offers fiber internet service and land-line phone service.

Buzz will be publishing some materials soon that will help explain streaming entertainment services to those who may find it confusing. We want to make sure everyone understands that Buzz Broadband is not providing streaming services or regular TV programming. However, with internet access from Buzz, those who stream services will experience world-class speeds right here in south Alabama.

To see when service will be available in your area, just follow this link